They Spot A ‘Lifeless’ Kitten Frozen To The Ground. Then They Bring Him Back To Life!

Lаzarus is bеing cаlled а miraclе kittеn. Why?

Bеcause thеy found him frozen in the yard and brought him back to life! It was Thanksgiving day when Branden Bingham found the tiny cat in his yard. The cat appeared to be lifeless. They brought him in and did everything they could to bring him back.

After hours of warmth and care and some CPR, the kitten woke up! The kitten was understandably confused.

But once Branden held him in his arms, things turned around. Lazarus made an incredible recovery and everyone in the family helped!

Since that day, Lazarus has not been able to stop budding with his new human dad. Lazarus clings to him and is in constant need of love and cuddles.

At first, Lazarus was skittish and would hiss. Once he found Branden, that feral, scared side just melted away. Now, every night Lazarus will snuggle in Branden’s arms for hours.

Branden says that Lazarus lives on his lap, head, shoulder, and wraps himself around his calf. Lazarus follows Branden everywhere he goes.

When Branden was in the hospital after breaking his leg, Lazarus kept meowing and looking for him.

Once he was home, Lazarus hasn’t left his side. Branden says Lazarus has been the best recovery companion.

No matter where Branden is – Lazarus is there too!

Seeking out attention. Lazarus is the king of the world with Branden by his side. Here are the two sleeping… again!

It has been a year now, and Lazarus is all grown.

Watch the video below:

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