This Sweet Kitty Thinks His Owner is Drowning in the Bathtub.His Reaction Will Melt Your Heart

I wiѕh I cоuld tаlk tо mу pets аnd gеt a rеsponse I understoоd. I wоuld like to knоw why my dog feеls the need to take all the stuffing out of her dog toys.

Why does my cat have to walk between me and my computer screen all day? Maybe someday, I will get those answers. I bet our pets would like explanations for the things we humans do too!

Like why do we insist that they do their ‘business’ outside? You would think that cats would understand the need to take a bath – right?

Don’t we see our cats grooming all the time? The cat in this video is horrified to see her human mom in the tub! The kitty seems to be desperate to save his mommy from drowning!

Take a look at this video

Or maybe he is just hungry – with cats, one never knows! Hopefully, the woman doesn’t drop her phone in the tub! Share away, people!

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