Curious Bengal Cat Was on The Dog Show, Now Watch How The Dogs React To Her

Boomer is one cool cat!

Seeing a cat at a dog show is not something you would normally expect. Even if a cat did appear there, God only knows what the outcome would be. So, it must be a smart choice not to bring a feline to such an event. Well, that is generally true, unless your kitty is Boomer.

A lot can be said about this special Bengal cat. He is smart, cool and confident. His body language is completely awesome, he moves and acts likes he owns the show.

I am not sure I would feel comfortable if I had to meet 50 dogs, and I love dogs, and so far dogs have loved me. But when this little trooper meets fifty of the so-called “arche enemies”, he handles the situation like a pro! On top of everything, he even gets a couple of doggy kisses! Unbelievable!

Feel free to watch what happens when 50 different dogs go nose to nose with Boomer, I promise this is nothing like you’ve ever seen before!

He Takes A Cat To The Dog Show. And You’re Gonna Want To See How The Dogs React

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