Woman Spotted Ball Of Fur On The Road – She Got Closer, And Whipped Out Her Phone

A mail carrier was on her route when she spotted a tiny bundle of fur on the sidewalk.

At first, she was a little apprehensive. After all, not all strange animals are friendly, as postal workers well know!

But the poor little thing looked harmless, so the mail carrier crept a little closer…

And that’s when she realized it was a kitten!

Well, it didn’t look too bad and on top of which, the mailwoman had to continue working. But at the same time, she had to feel bad for the apparently abandoned creature.

Then she got an idea.

She whipped out her phone and sent posts about the kitten to various rescue groups on social media, hoping somebody might show up to help.

But the very next day, while walking her route, the same mail carrier noticed the black ball of fur again.

It was the same kitten and she didn’t appear to have budged an inch!

That’s when the postal worker decided something was wrong; the poor thing was obviously ailing and this time, she directly contacted Coastal Bend Cat Rescuers.

The team quickly arrived on the scene to scoop up the depressed kitten, which they decided to call Thor.

And very depressed she was, as foster coordinator Lindsay Haglund said:

Thor looked like she had completely given up on life.

She was extremely dehydrated, anemic, flea-infested, weak, tired, covered with mange and appeared to be suffering from heat exhaustion.

One of our team members, Nadia, sent her husband Mike to the location and he scooped Thor up off the sidewalk with ease; she did not resist being rescued.

Mike and Nadia opted to become Thor’s foster parents and they’re diligently helping her to recover.

Right now, she’s a mere 6 weeks old and doesn’t weigh what she should, but Mike and Nadia continue to give her the nutrients (and love!) she so desperately needs.

She’s also on antibiotics to cure a nasty infection she must’ve contracted while suffering alone on the street.

But Thor is definitely coming around and as Nadia says:

Thor is very sassy and lovable.

She always meows and greets her foster mom and dad when they enter the room. She begs to be pet and cuddled.

Well, of course she does! She had such a very rough start to life.

But thanks to a Good Samaritan postal worker and the team at Coastal Bend Cat Rescuers, Thor’s future should be bright and happy!

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