Man Spotted Weird Black Spot Amid A Huge Pile Of Snow, He Inched Closer And Realized That He Need To React Fast

While Clyde Compton was driving a milk truck through a snowstorm in Canada, he came across a weird black spot amid a huge pile of snow.

After inching closer, he realized that he needed to immediately come outside to rescue. A life or several loves depended on it.

“They looked like a piece of clothing first when I saw them, “Compton told the Dodo. “But on second glance I knew what it was.”

Turns out, there were three black kittens huddled together in the snow. Considering, how there were no paw prints surrounding them, he surmised that they had been thrown from the road.

“Looking down from the truck I could see them,” Compton reflected, “anyone else probably wouldn’t have. They were on the road in fresh falling snow about a foot deep.”

He just couldn’t abandon them on the snow. He cooped up the kittens in his arms and drove them back to him home 12 miles away. His wife and daughter who were waiting for him back home, couldn’t be more welcoming.

Even though the family already had two cats and dogs, they got in touch with a local animal rescue group called Deer Lake Kitten Rescue (DLKR). They helped Compton and his family coordinate the kittens’ veterinary care and transfer to a shelter.

“They were covered in ice and snow, huddled together trying to survive,” Tanya Wight, a volunteer with DLKR, wrote. “They must have been tossed from a vehicle … Animal cruelty beyond comprehension.”

The little bundle of joys who would’ve otherwise perished in the snow now have names: The short-haired male is Flurry, the long-haired female is Shiver and the short-haired female is Stormy.

They still have a lot to recover from. They’re slightly underweight, and Shiver taking antibiotics for a respiratory infection. But there’s a lot to be thankful for, they are friendly and playful despite all they have been through.

Wight has been taking care of them while they recover. “They have been moved into the deluxe suite (aka my spare room) so they have more room to move about,” Wight wrote.

Once they’re well, they’ll be taken to the Newfoundland West SPCA (NL West SPCA).

“If I hadn’t seen them, they would certainly have died,” Compton said. “They will be [up for adoption] as soon as they are in perfect health.”

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