Woman Sees A Trapped Bald Eagle In A Trap So She Quickly Tried To Free Him And Now She Is In Serious Legal Trouble

Hunting is cruel and often unnecessary in my opinion. Some animals do need to be controlled – but there has got to be a better way than just killing them off. One way to catch animals is with traps – sometimes, the trap catches an animal that it wasn’t designed to catch!

On Christmas Eve, Kathleen Adair was taking a walk in Juneau, Alaska along Davies Creek Trail. Near the edge of the path, Adair saw a bald eagle on the ground.

She wondered why an eagle would be on the ground and quickly realized that it was stuck in a bear trap! Adair wasn’t about to just leave the poor creature there, so she quickly tried to free him.

It was no easy task, eagles have very sharp talons and beaks. Adair was able to free the bird but faced serious consequences as a result.

Did you know it is illegal to mess with hunters’ traps? It is, if the trap was placed legally, you could get into big trouble if you interfere with it!

Adair was now in serious legal trouble.

To make matters worse, the eagle was euthanized three days after she had set it free. The judge dismissed Adair’s case.

However, he praised her for trying to help the bird. Finally, the justice system worked!

Adair wasn’t trying to be an eco-terrorist or deprive the hunter of his trophy – she was simply trying to help a bald eagle.

Thank you, Kathleen, for helping an innocent animal in need!

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