Rotten People From The Circus Deliberately Out This Lion Cub On Diet To Be ‘Young And Cute’

Magnus, a lion cub, had been fed a diet of bread and yogurt for four months – which, in case you were wondering is NOT a healthy diet for a lion cub consists of. Magnus was living at a Spanish circus and in the hands of people who hadn’t the slightest clue how to take care of him.

Magnus was cute and small – and the tourists would pay to come see him – so, that was how he had to live. Finally, though, he was rescued and just in time. Magnus esophagus had become so small that he needed surgery, and soon. That is what happens when a lion cub isn’t fed protein or solid food – and responsible caregivers would have known that.

Magnus was treated at the Hospital Veterinario Valencia Sur Silla, in Spain. Doctors were optimistic about Magnus’ survival, but it is likely he will never be able to eat large pieces of food.

Let’s Adopt Global was responsible for paying for all of the care Magnus received. Finally getting the right food has made a huge difference in the young cub’s life!

The ultimate goal is for Magnus to leave Spain and go live out his days in South Africa! He may finally be able to live life wild and free – as all lions should! Please don’t pay to visit animals being held in circuses or zoos that have poor living conditions for their animals.

Do your research, many zoos have websites, programs, and information that will let you know if they actually care about the animals – or if they only care about making money for themselves!

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