Terrifying Moment Lion Brutally Attacks Abusive Trainer In The Middle Of Circus Show

Last week, during a circus show in Lugansk, Ukraine, a lion directly attacked his 32-year-old handler, HamandaKouta, in the middle of an act. As a result of the incident, the handler was left with injuries on his arms, legs, and back. “[O]ne tooth was inside the muscle and it is serious,” he said.

The lion was forced to perform on the stage, as children and adults were watching him, probably causing a lot of anxiousness. They screamed in horror as they watched the incident take place right in front of their eyes. And it was all caught on a video:

“I was covered in blood,” Kouta said.

The handler, clearly seen trying to fight the lion off with a large stick in the video, said that it was due to the lions’ stressful schedule of performances. He admitted that these animals had to give back-to-back performances and had to perform that day immediately after arriving in Lugansk.

Sadly, this is not a surprising incident. In the U.S. itself, 130 captive big cats and 25 humans have died during similar shows, whereas more than 280 humans have been injured.

Animals being slaved and tortured just for the sake of entertainment is a truly unjust practice prevailing today. We all should stop buying tickets to such shows to discourage them from continuing.

These poor animals deserve to be in the wild, not in captive cages, being forced to do things that are too dangerous for themselves.

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