Adorable Baby Foxes Decide To Make Grandma’s Porch Into Own Private Playground

Baby foxes are some of the most adorable creatures in the world. Since foxes are shy, it can be hard to spot these animals. But in May 2019, a woman in Illinois got very lucky.

The woman ended up hosting a whole family of baby foxes!

The woman’s grandson, a Redditor who goes by Vechrotex, shared photos of the animals. He explained that his grandma lives in a wooded area, and so it’s common for her to see lots of animals. Still, she’d never had a sighting quite like this before!

At first, just one baby fox appeared on her porch. The adorable creature ran up to the sliding glass door and licked it. Everyone on Reddit’s hearts melted when they saw this photo.

Since the photo was so cute, it quickly went viral, receiving more than 100,000 upvotes. The next day, Vechrotex gave an exciting update. He said the baby fox had come back to say hello. He also naturally shared another sweet photo of the tiny animal.

The next day, Vechrotex said the fox came back again. And this time, he brought one of his siblings.

The two little foxes ran around on Vechrotex’s grandma’s porch. They turned it into their own personal playground!

A few days after the original post, Vechrotex shared one final update about the foxes:

“Another update to the baby foxes: his friend caught his tail!”

Vechrotex also said that he had spotted the foxes’ mother hanging out in a bush near the porch. She was supervising her little kits as they played on the ‘playground.’

Vechrotex made everyone smile with his adorable baby fox photos. We’re so glad that he shared them with the internet!

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