Lifeless Dog Found Abandoned In a Locked Cage, He Was Covered In Fleas And Cockroach Nests

The transformation of a Shih Tzu named Sury is one of the most dramatic you’ll ever see. Found covered in fleas and cockroach nests, you won’t even recognize her at the end.

Jasper County Animal Rescue found an abandoned Shih Tzu covered in fleas. Cockroaches were even using her fur as a nest.

They believed the dog to be about 10 years old, but she had obviously been neglected for months.

She was dumped outside of a shelter in her carrier. She had eye and ear infections and old, moldy food.

They named her Sury as an abbreviation for Survivor. What a fitting name! After almost five hours of grooming, they worked on getting her healthy again.

She had already come a long way. Thankfully, she started looking nothing like when they found her!

She went through some rough times in life but had lots of love to give!

What an amazing turnaround for this dog. And it’s all thanks to her rescuers and caregivers!

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