Man Came Home From Work Late One Night And Found Kitten In His Bed But He Doesn’t Have a Cat

When Hayden Winter came home from work late one night, he planned to have his dinner and then go straight to bed. But when he walked into his bedroom he found a cat in his bed!

He recognized the kitty as Fezgin, a local kitty that happily lives on the streets in his neighborhood in Istanbul, Turkey. There she was, all snuggled up in his bed, staring up at him as if he was the intruder.

Hayden checked his bedroom window and discovered that was where she had climbed through to enter his apartment. Apparently this wasn’t the first time she had broken into his apartment but it was the first time he found her on his bed. So it was a surprise to Hayden that she had decided to make herself comfortable in his bedroom.

Although Fezgin didn’t stay that night, Hayden has decided that it would be okay to let her crash at his during the cold, winter months. He’s pretty sure that when she needs somewhere warm she will show up on her own. “She’ll be back,” Hayden said. “Like most of the cats in Istanbul, she’s the boss!”

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