Gorilla Receives a Box of Kittens for her birthday, His Next Move Left Me Absolutely Breathless.

For his 44th birthday, Koko, the gorilla who became famous when she met with Robin Williams, got the best present ever – a box of kittens! While she has had…

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Starving Kitten Is Trying To Eat, But When Mom Sees The Other Cats Being Rude, She WON’T Have It!

This mаn wаs trying to fеed a starving kitten, but then some other neighborhood cats noticed and tried to attack the kitten so they can eat the food. When mom…

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They Spot A ‘Lifeless’ Kitten Frozen To The Ground. Then They Bring Him Back To Life!

Lаzarus is bеing cаlled а miraclе kittеn. Why? Bеcause thеy found him frozen in the yard and brought him back to life! It was Thanksgiving day when Branden Bingham found…

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